25th September 2017 Burj Al Arab - Dubai

25th September we travel to Dubai for our bi-annual conference with some of Dubai's leading cyber security practitioners.

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17th & 18th October The Belfry - UK

Our UK event will be taking place on the 17th & 18th October 2017 in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside at one of Golf's famous Ryder Cup courses.

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13th November 2017 Brussels

Our inaugural Central European conference  will be taking place on the 13th November 2017.

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The Platform


Wisdom of Crowds, delivered in two formats, provides an innovative platform for producing crowd-sourced knowledge, delivering informative content, creating post-event videos, keynote speeches, Q&As, meetings, networking opportunities, virtual roundtable discussions and much more, all designed to offer maximum reach and deeply engage decision makers on a number of levels. Our events provide a great opportunity not just for open discussion and collaboration, but also the benefit of forming new business relationships and actively encouraging businesses to engage and connect with each other. With education and business facilitation being two of our core focus areas, our events provide a great opportunity for open discussion, and added the benefit of forming new relationships our events truly are unique.

Two Formats:

Wisdom of Crowds Live: this format follows the traditional face-to-face physical setting where attendees gather in an exclusive venue.

Wisdom of Crowds Virtual Roundtables: delivered online in high quality HD video.

Wisdom of Crowds 2017 Events Calendar

Next Steps.....

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